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Patients with inoperable or metastatic soft tissue sarcoma have a poor prognosis with overall survival rates (of approximately a year) when treated with current first line palliative chemotherapy. There has been no change in the standard of care for over 20 years. Improved outcomes could be achieved by identifying biomarkers that can select soft tissue sarcoma patients most likely to benefit from current and novel therapies.  

Treatments that enhance the immune system to fight cancer have shown great promise over the last few years and have transformed the outcome of patients with several tumour types. The proposed study will use tissue samples from patients treated on the GeDDiS study to investigate potential immune markers that may predict response to current and new immune therapies entering clinical trials. The aim is to use data from these samples to help select patients for individual treatment including immune therapies currently available and also provide data to facilitate development of prospective clinical studies of newer therapies that are moving forward into the clinical arena.

(GeDDiS is a recently completed randomized phase III clinical trial which compared first line treatment with gemcitabine in combination with docetaxel versus current standard treatment with doxorubicin. The study recruited 257 patients and no statistical difference was found between the study arms.)

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