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The competition has now ended. Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry.

What happens once you’ve submitted your funding application? Here's a chance to find out.

Sarcoma UK has a rare opportunity for an early career researcher to observe our Research Advisory Committee as they meet to discuss the 2017 Basic Science grant round applications. 

We have launched a competition to allow one early career researcher to  observe the RAC Basic Science Panel Meeting on the 15 February 2018. The early career researcher will be able to observe how the RAC make decisions regarding funding and will gain insight into the process of awarding grants.

We know that the art of writing a fundable research project from concept of idea to framing of hypothesis and development of applications is widely covered. But what happens once you’ve submitted your application? Who decides which applications get funding? What does a panel look for? What makes an application stand out?

We're offering the opportunity to

  • Observe a real working panel in action as they consider grant applications from researchers
  • Get a rare insight into how funding decisions are made.
  • Learn what makes a strong funding application that gets the attention of decision makers.

This opportunity has been designed to support junior researchers by giving them an insight into how funding recommendations are made, making the process of grant funding more transparent.  

Our researchers have raised it to us through discussion at our Basic Science Research Symposium and the National Cancer Research Initiative (NCRI) Clinical Strategy Group (CSG) for sarcoma that there is need for more support to be given to develop junior researchers. 

Let’s dispel some of the mystery around the process and make it easier to gain the skills needed to write stronger applications. 

How to apply

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