Type of sarcoma: 
Non-grade 1 bone or soft tissue sarcoma (newly diagnosed or any relapsed), OR Advanced or metastatic rare cancer: undifferentiated sarcoma of the bone; aggressive angiomyxoma; alveolar soft part sarcoma; or small round cell sarcoma without translocations
Cambridge, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester

Full title: SPECTA: Screening Cancer Patients for Efficient Clinical Trial Access

Age: Cohort 1: 12-29, Cohort 2: 12+ 
Status: Open

Patient’s data and biological samples (such as tumour and blood samples) will be collected and analysed. The samples and information will be used to find tumour characteristics or changes to support future research that may help patients now and in the future. The aim is that patients who participate could be offered access to drugs/treatments that specifically target the characteristics of their tumour, in particular within clinical trials.