Type of sarcoma: 
Newcastle, Manchester, Aberdeen, Nottingham

Full Title: Pilot study to investigate the early prediction of toxicity following induction chemotherapy in Ewing’s sarcoma by blood-borne biomarkers and correlation with age-dependent pharmacokinetic variation

Age: 0-24
Status: Open
Phase: Pilot

If you have Ewing's sarcoma, you may be treated with chemotherapy before having any surgery. The aim of chemotherapy is to kill cancer cells, however these drugs are often very toxic and can cause effects to the rest of the body. When you are being treated with chemotherapy you will be monitored closely for signs that the treatment is causing harm to other parts of your body. This study is looking into ways of predicting how sensitive your body might be to the toxic effects of chemotherapy. They hope to do this by looking at indicators which may be present in the blood.