Type of sarcoma: 
All forms of sarcoma

Full title:  A trial looking at a new drug called pegylated recombinant human arginase for children and young adults with cancer (PARC)

Age: At least 12 months old and less than 25 years old  
Status: Open
Phase: 1/2

This trial is for children and young adults with cancer that has come back or continued to grow despite treatment. A protein called arginine is important for cells to grow and survive. Normal, healthy cells can make arginine using a protein that is often missing in cancer cells. If the amount of arginine is reduced, it stops the cancer cells from growing. 
The drug BCT-100 reduces the amount of arginine available.
Part one of the trial looked at the highest dose of BCT-100 that patients could have.
Patients are now being recruited for part two where everyone has the best dose of BCT-100 found during part one.