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Tips & advice for organising your very own Big Picnic

Plan your event

  • Pick a location. There are so many options. You could hold your picnic in a local park, at your workplace, in your garden, indoors or at a local club or community space.
  • Plan what to serve at your picnic. You might want to prepare your own picnic snacks, buy ready-made goodies or hold a potluck picnic.
  • Bring along your balloons and banners, and don’t forget to print out some bunting and cake decoration on our website
  • Make sure you have enough blankets, plates, cups and cutlery
  • Let us know when you plan to hold your event: fundraising@sarcoma.org.uk

Invite your guests

  • Invite your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours
  • Send round an email invitation
  • Spread the word through social media
  • Make flyers and advertise in local businesses or on your office noticeboard

Ask for donations  

Ask your picnic guests to make a donation. You might want to suggest a donation of £5 or set your own amount. Don’t forget to have your donation box handy.

Why not try some of these ideas to add fun to your picnic and give your fundraising a boost:

  • Bake sale. Sell your delicious bakes to your hungry picnic guests.  
  • Jelly bean jar. Hold a classic ‘Guess how many beans in the jar’ competition.
  • Raffle. Raffle of some bakes, or ask local businesses to donate prizes.
  • Face painting corner. The kids will love it!
  • Prosecco picnic. Add some glamour to your event! Who could resist a glass of bubbly for an extra donation?

How did it go?

  • Tell your story to your local media - download our press release template
  • We’d love to see how your picnic went, so do send in your photos by email to fundraising@sarcoma.org.uk or share on social media using #TheBigPicnic 
  • Thank all your supporters!

Pay in your donations

Paying in your donations is easy. Simply add up all the donations you’ve received and

  • send in cheque form to: Sarcoma UK, 49-51 East Road, London N1 6AH or

Do include a note or reference so we know the donation is from you.

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