Emily Travis
Tuesday, August 24, 2021

We are heartbroken to learn that Emily has died.

We first met Emily in 2018 when she agreed to share a day in the life of a person getting chemo. It was an unflinchingly honest account of an early start, endless waiting around and the struggle to stay conscious as the drugs kicked in on the Tube. It was a riveting listen, because Emily was a superb communicator: honest, compassionate and, yes, very funny.

First diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma in 2014, Emily was given a terminal diagnosis several times before her death last month. In the years between, she threw herself into doing whatever she could not just for pretty much anyone who asked for her insight. She never turned our requests down, taking part prominently in the Loneliest Cancer campaign in 2019 and just weeks ago she shared her experience of clinical trials for our Let’s Zoom In On webinar.

‘Sarcoma is a death sentence if it spreads like in my case,’ she told the Daily Telegraph in 2019. ‘As sarcomas are so rare, there are few places where you can have treatment. If more people were aware of it, perhaps we could improve the patient journey for those living with this life-limiting cancer.’

Job done, Emily. Rest well.