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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Sarcoma UK and ten other cancer charities tender for partner to shape a better future for people with cancer across the UK.

We (Anthony Nolan, Blood Cancer UK, Bowel Cancer UK, Breast Cancer Now, Pancreatic Cancer UK, Prostate Cancer UK, Sarcoma UK, Shine Cancer Support, Target Ovarian Cancer, Teenage Cancer Trust and Young Lives vs Cancer) want cancer patients in the UK to have world-leading cancer outcomes.

However, even before the Covid-19 pandemic cancer outcomes in the UK lagged behind those in comparable countries. The pandemic has resulted in cancer diagnoses, treatment, support and service delivery being set back significantly. Behind every piece of data is a person, and their family, who deserve the very best from the NHS.

Although there are a number of groups monitoring cancer care and outcomes in the UK, we feel that there is a role for our organisations to facilitate a new emphasis on listening to, and learning from, people with cancer and healthcare professionals and considering these voices alongside the performance metrics from all four nations of the UK.  

To this end, we are looking for an independent person, body or consortium help us build a project or programme which is:

  • Centred around all cancer patients and their holistic needs.
  • Particularly focused on the needs of people from under-served communities with whom we as charities do less well in engaging.
  • Inclusive of the views and experiences of frontline healthcare staff.
  • Is solely focused on working to improve cancer experience and outcomes, including the role for charities.
  • Pan-UK - so that cancer services in all four nations are considered.
  • Ambitious – it needs to aspire to raising standards to compare to the best in Europe.
  • Thorough – so not just focused on a handful of metrics for the most common cancers.
  • Evidence-based – access to, and analysis of, a range of data sources is important.
  • On-going – so that trends and performance over time can be considered.
  • Additive – Builds on and enhances existing work, doesn’t duplicate.

Submissions will be accepted up to 1 September 2021.

PDF icon Download the full Invitation to Tender here.