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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

This Sarcoma Awareness Month, join Sarcoma UK and call on the government to take notice of sarcoma.

Call on your MPs to raise awareness of sarcoma and the issues affecting sarcoma patients - it's time to put some pressure on.

Write to your local MP and ask for a meeting in July to talk about sarcoma. It can be virtual or in person. Your local MP is in a position to bring about real change, but they need you to tell them how.

Writing your letter or email

We’ve prepared a template to help you get started. You can simply fill in the blank sections with your details or you can write your own. Make sure you address it to your local MP, personalised letters and emails are more effective. Don’t forget to include your full address and postcode at the bottom so your representative can verify you live in their constituency. 

Download your template

Find your representative

Just enter your postcode into one of these websites:

England - 
Wales - 
Scotland - 
Northern Ireland - TheyWorkForYou NI 

Let us know you’ve taken part by emailing Bradley at, and keep us updated when you hear back from your MP. 

What you say does make a difference. Help us make change faster this Sarcoma Awareness Month. 

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