Photo of scientist performing sarcoma research
Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Sarcoma UK is excited to announce that we are committing to exploring a new and better treatment for retroperitoneal sarcoma. Our £50,000 funding commitment will provide vital support to a major international clinical trial, EORTC STRASS II.

Making up 15% of all soft tissue sarcomas, there is a clear need for new and better treatments for retroperitoneal sarcomas, which are generally treated with surgery alone. This exciting trial will explore for the first time whether chemotherapy plus surgery is an effective treatment for high-risk retroperitoneal sarcomas.

Patients recruited to the trial will be split into two groups, with half receiving the standard treatment of surgery, and the other half receiving the potential new treatment of chemotherapy plus surgery. If effective, the team hopes that the new treatment method will improve survival rates for this sarcoma.

The trial will be taking place in eight specialist sarcoma centres around the UK, as well as involving centres across Europe, Australia and the USA. Especially for rare cancers such as sarcoma, clinical trials on an international scale are a vital stage of the path to finding new and better treatments. The EORTC STRASS II trial will help clinicians understand how well treatments for retroperitoneal sarcoma work, which will allow them to come up with the best treatment plans for their patients.

You can find out more about clinical trials for sarcoma via our Clinical Trials Hub.