Dr Zoe Walters
Wednesday, May 19, 2021


Sarcoma UK is excited to announce that it will be committing £250,000 to a new project exploring the genomics of dedifferentiated liposarcoma, marking another step forward in understanding sarcoma and finding new and better treatments for patients.

A particularly aggressive soft tissue sarcoma subtype, current treatments for dedifferentiated liposarcoma can be ineffective, with debilitating side effects. To help find new treatments for this sarcoma, Sarcoma UK has committed £250,000 in funding to a project led by Dr Zoë Walters, based at the University of Southampton.

Dr Walters and her team will take genetic information from patient tumour data, with the aim of identifying specific genes which play a part in the development of dedifferentiated liposarcoma. This knowledge will then allow them to target these genes with drugs, to explore if a more effective treatment can be found. In the long run, this work will bring us a step towards a new and better treatment for patients with dedifferentiated liposarcoma and for other types of sarcomas.

This project is the third of four grants we will fund as part of our flagship Genomics Research Programme, which will see us invest a total of £1 million in genomic research. This branch of research is vital for understanding the complexities of how sarcoma develops, and is also the key to working out how sarcomas respond to different treatments.

Find out more about Dr Walters’ project.

Dr Sorrel Bickley, Sarcoma UK’s Director of Research, Policy and Support, says:

‘We are so proud to have committed funding to this fantastic project. Genomic research like this will provide crucial answers about sarcoma, and push us forward to finding better treatments. It’s been a difficult year for research funding and we’re so grateful to Sarcoma UK’s wonderful supporters for helping to make this happen.’

We would not have been able to move forward with funding such vital research without your amazing support and generous donations – thank you for all you do for us.