Dr Sorrel Bickley
Thursday, November 26, 2020

Sarcoma UK is excited to announce that it has committed to securing funding for three new PhD projects, investing £360,000 into the future of sarcoma research.  

PhD studentship projects are the bedrock of scientific research. Students often bring novel ideas and fresh approaches, and we want to support talented scientists at the beginning of their career in sarcoma research.  

These three new projects, which will begin in 2021, will explore and investigate potential new treatments and treatment models for different forms of sarcoma including angiosarcoma, undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma and soft tissue sarcoma that has spread to the lungs. Being able to develop new treatments and treat sarcoma in more targeted ways will ultimately make sarcoma treatment kinder and more effective.  

Dr Sorrel Bickley, Director of Research, Policy and Support at Sarcoma UK, is grateful to the supporters of the charity's work: 'Funding for research has been cut dramatically this year as a result of the pandemic. This is terrible to see, especially when we know how much hope research can bring to people affected by sarcoma. But thanks to the wonderful supporters of Sarcoma UK, we’ve been able to protect our PhD studentship funding this year and award three exciting new grants. I’m so proud and grateful to see these new grants going ahead, meaning we can keep doing our important work and investing in the sarcoma research leaders of the future.'

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