Monday, November 9, 2020

Trabectedin, a type of chemotherapy drug, has been approved for routine use in Scotland by the Scottish Medicine Consortium.

This is a significant step forward.

Earlier this year, we shared the disappointing news that trabectedin would not be made available on the NHS to sarcoma patients in Scotland, despite being used for over a decade in England.

However, the application was resubmitted and trabectedin, which used to treat advanced soft tissue sarcoma, will now be routinely available as a second option for treatment. The drug is usually given after previous treatment hasn’t been effective or if patients are unable to have the standard first-line treatment drug, doxorubicin.

In autumn 2019, Bradley Price, Policy and Public Affairs Manager, was part of the patient expert panel in the Scottish Medicine Consortium’s appraisal of trabectedin, representing patients and Sarcoma UK’s supporters' calls for better access to treatment.

‘This is a big step forward in helping people with sarcoma access the most effective treatments for their cancer, no matter where they live in the UK,’ says Bradley, ‘it sets a key precedent for ensuring that patients have access to life-extending treatment in the future.’

For more information about trabectedin, please consult your clinician or contact the Sarcoma UK Support Line on 0808 801 0401, email supportline@sarcoma.org.uk or text 07860 058830 .

PDF icon Statement from Scottish Medicines Consortium