Monday, September 28, 2020

Meliz St Clair (née Yalchin) died in 2019 from epithelioid sarcoma, but her family and friends are determined to keep her memory, and hope, alive.

The money raised by her friends and family to help fund further treatment will now go towards funding part of Sarcoma UK’s Genomics Research Programme. It will be used to expand - or uplift -one of our current research projects GeCIPing Sarcoma: A UK-led initiative to personalise sarcoma treatment.

Run by Prof. Adrienne Flanagan, this project is investigating the unique resource of the 1,600 sarcoma samples collected as part of the 100,000 genomes project. The additional £41,000 from Meliz St Clair (née Yalchin) and the funds raised from her GoFundMe page will pay for a focussed analysis on an additional 20 epithelioid sarcoma samples, including Meliz’s. The data from these samples will be combined with the rest of the samples in the project and analysed together to help unlock the secrets of sarcoma.

Dr Yalchin, Meliz’s brother said: ‘My family and I are so pleased that the money raised in Meliz’s name is being used to help to deepen our knowledge of sarcoma.  We hope that this research will improve our understanding of this awful cancer, so that doctors and patients may one day have a better idea on how to treat it.’

Sarcoma UK's Genomic Research Programme