Mask by Richard Wood
Thursday, July 30, 2020

Tomorrow (31 July) is the final day to enter the Embroidery Raffle as organised by 32 artists in memory of Chris, Stacey Jones’ husband who died earlier this month.

There are some beautiful pieces of embroidery as well as prints and custom pieces being offered and we’d like to thank all of the artists and their supporters who have been so generous.  Visit Stacey’s Instagram for a sample of some of the work on offer.

If you have made a donation, you can upload your receipt here

What better reason to feature a couple more artists whose beautiful art also supports our work?

Mask by Richard Wood

Mask by Richard Wood

Richard Wood is an artist based in East Dulwich, South London. As an artist, Richard is inspired by living in London but growing up in the suburbs. ‘I’m drawn to the edges of places, edgelands and outskirts, places between ‘actual’ places’

Richard’s latest work, Mask, is certainly something we’ve become familiar with in the places we inhabit. ‘’The mask is now firmly part of all of our collective visual landscape’

In 2009, Richard’s wife, Morag Nightingale died from myeloma sarcoma. He has decided to make a limited edition of Mask in support of Sarcoma UK. ’They have really taken off!’

See more of Richard’s work and get in touch with him on his Instagram feed @richardwoodartist.


Wrinkles Are Cool by Magda Archer

Wrinkles Are Cool by Magda Archer

In 2017, illustrator Magda Archer created a very distinctive poster for our Great British Picnic (or Big Picnic as it was called then). She has supported our work several times since then.

Magda’s colourful artworks can be found in the 'Harry Hill Fun Book’, which she co-authored with comedian, Gary Hill. Some of the illustrations from the book featured in Tate Liverpool's exhibition 'Peter Blake; About Collage'. She had her first solo show at The Corner House in 2011 - and in 2012 her distinctive surreal ‘pop art’ prints were used in an international campaign for Comme des Garcons. 

'Wrinkles Are Cool', her latest print, is available from Jealous with with all profits donated to Sarcoma UK.

Magda Archer on Instagram