Covid-19 updates
Monday, June 22, 2020

Millions of people shielding from coronavirus (Covid-19) will be advised they can spend more time outside their homes from Monday 6 July, the Health and Social Care Secretary has announced.

From the 6 July, you:

  • Can meet in a group of up to 6 people outdoors, including people from different households while maintaining 2 metres distance
  • No longer need to observe physical distancing with other members of your household
  • Can form a ‘support bubble’ with one other household if you are a single adult household or a single parent with children under 18 – support bubbles can spend time with each other inside each other’s homes, including overnight, without needing to stay 2 metres apart. You should continue to follow good hygiene precautions while visiting your support bubble.

Shielding advice will be in place until the 1 August.

From 1 August, you:

  • Should start to strictly follow the ‘Social Distancing (Stay Alert)’ advice below
  • Can return to work, if you cannot work from home, as long as the business is Covid-19 safe
  • Can go outside to buy food, to places of worship, and for exercise but continue to maintain strict social distancing
  • From this date, all food and medicine boxes facilitated by the National Shielding Service will stop but other forms of support such as priority supermarket delivery slots and volunteer schemes will continue.

The Shielded Patient List will continue to be maintained and if the virus risk rises, you may be asked to shield again.


The Sarcoma UK Support Line is available for anyone who with questions about Covid-19 and sarcoma.