Monday, March 2, 2020

Found: A faster, more accurate way to identify soft tissue sarcoma subtypes has been uncovered.

With so many sub-types of soft-tissue sarcoma, it's important to figure out quickly just which type needs to be treated.

A study at Queen's University Belfast - that you funded back in 2017- could speed up the process with more accurate results.

The current method of identifying which type of soft tissue sarcoma involves using tissue samples and is more complex, time-consuming and can result in inconclusive results.

Prof. David Castro de Gonzalez and team have developed a test that makes use of cutting-edge technology by identifying genetic information in a tissue or blood sample to diagnose the type of soft-tissue sarcoma faster, accurately and more economically.

This innovative technique has the potential to get patients on the right treatment path faster. Well done to David and an enormous thank you to you, our supporters, for making this study possible.