Helen Stradling Sarcoma Specialist Nurse Support Line Lead Sarcoma UK
Saturday, February 8, 2020

‘I really underestimated the impact the Support Line would have for family and friends.’ 

The Sarcoma UK Support Line is 4 years old. Helen Stradling, Support Line Lead, reflects on the changes since the launch of the service in 2016. 

‘I really underestimated the impact the Support Line would have for family and friends. The number of people who contact us who are affected by sarcoma - but not because they have been given the diagnosis themselves - is staggering.  

There are two nurses working on the Support Line today and the work is very different to how we worked in the clinical setting. The team has expanded to welcome an occupational therapist and we all still hear things for the first time. With the nature of sarcoma, that isn’t surprising, but thinking about how to deal with it in a different way is challenging and rewarding at the same time. 

It is an honour to the be able to be the front-facing side of the charity and to be able to use so many years of experience in a different way. We know that sarcoma affects so many more people than patients themselves so we think we're doing our job properly knowing that  we can help botn patients and their loved ones.

People trust us. We know this because so many people contact us more than once. We know that trust is not given lightly, especially when so many people have had a hard time getting a correct diagnosis. We're always humbled by the gratitude people show us.'

The Sarcoma UK Support Line is open to everyone affected by sarcoma. 

You can call, email or text.  You can talk to one of the team every week day between 10am and 3pm. Email or text any time.