Richard Whitehead on the loneliest cancer
Sunday, November 24, 2019

Patron of Sarcoma UK and Paralympic champion, Richard Whitehead MBE shares a message about sarcoma:

Imagine being diagnosed with a cancer that no-one has heard of, that even your doctor might never have seen before. This is the case for over 5,300 people in the UK diagnosed with sarcoma every year. This is a tenth of those found with breast cancer, meaning that those diagnosed with sarcoma might never meet someone who shares the same type as them; in many ways, sarcoma is the loneliest cancer.

Sarcomas are tumours that develop in the body’s soft tissue or bones and they can appear in almost any part of the body.

I am all too aware of the devastating impact of sarcoma as my close friend and mentor Simon Mellows tragically died of the disease. He was a constant inspiration to me and was instrumental in my journey from running my first marathon to becoming the world record-holder for leg amputees and 200m Paralympic champion.

With greater general awareness, diagnosis could be quicker, treatment could be more effective and funding for pioneering research could be increased. Lives in the UK could genuinely be saved and at the very least cut the suffering caused by this rare, aggressive and often cruel cancer.

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Richard Whitehead MBE

Paralympian & Patron of Sarcoma UK