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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Sarcoma UK welcomes the news that the drug larotrectinib has been approved for use in Europe.

Sarcoma cancer is one of the most difficult to treat as tumours can develop in hard to access areas. As a result, surgery is not always an option and traditional radio and chemotherapies can have lasting negative side effects for patients, particularly in children.

As this drug targets specific genetic abnormalities in the tumour, it means that the potential it holds for it to be used to treat tumours anywhere in the body is huge. The fact that it has been used to treat fibrosarcoma in the clinical trial at the Royal Marsden hospital in London is hugely encouraging. Sarcoma UK is hopeful that this marks the start of more drugs of this type in the near future.

Richard Davidson, Chief Executive of Sarcoma UK said: "For cancers like sarcoma where the number of drugs and treatment options are limited, it's hugely encouraging to see this development with larotrectinib one step closer to being available to patients in the UK. It highlights the importance of clinical trials and the need to continue to develop new drugs. With currently only just over half of sarcoma patients surviving more than five years, this effective new treatment is welcomed, especially if it is kinder to patients. We’re hopeful this option is rolled out in the very near future."

The full story that appeared on the BBC is here.

If you have questions about what this might mean for you or someone you know in terms of sarcoma, please call our Support Line on 0808 801 0401 or email