Tom, running the Royal Parks Half
Monday, October 14, 2019

Last Sunday morning was wet and miserable.

The easiest thing to do on such a weekend morning is pull the duvet over your head and snuggle up for a nice lie in. But up and down the country, a small but dedicated group of extraordinary people hauled themselves out of bed and out into the elements.

Some ran the Oxford Half Marathon, more ran the Royal Parks Half in London. Many more ran just to keep fit for future events. Some got up to cheer their friends on.

And many, many more will get out of their comfy beds next weekend and every weekend and weekday because they want to contribute to something worthwhile. They want to make change happen.

Team Sarcoma is made up of the champions who take on challenges; the creatives who make and do; the selfless people who give up their weekends to get out there in all sorts of weather to cheer; the colleagues who make things happen in the workplace; the generous donors; the Instagrammers, Snappers and Tweeters...

Now we have a place to celebrate your achievements and support you in the ways that you support our work. ‘As the charity has grown over the years, we have delighted in sharing the latest news about our new research findings and the progress in sarcoma treatment and care,’ writes Kat Tucker, Head of Individual Giving and Supporter Care. ‘However, we needed a place where we could celebrate YOU, our supporters, our fundraisers, our growing community. Facebook has always been a great place to reach people and now we have created a new space where you can chat and e-meet other fundraisers, share your stories and your achievements.’

The Team Sarcoma: Community page on Facebook is your place to celebrate your achievements. It’s a place to show your photos and videos; to hear your stories; to find out about events and to get inspiration.

Like the page now and join us for some truly inspirational achievements, whatever the weather.