Title cover of Sarcoma UK's Impact report 2018-2019
Monday, October 21, 2019

This past year has given us much to be proud of.

We’ve made headway into the policy field, strengthened our relations with healthcare bodies and influencers and led on the task of getting accurate, reliable sarcoma incidence data. We’ve listened to what people want and need from our Support Line, and greatly expanded our resources. We’ve actively been more vocal, speaking out on numerous occasions to make sure that sarcoma remains on decision makers’ agendas. This won’t stop.

Increasingly, our work is in partnership with fellow organisations like Cancer Research UK or Cancer 52 that hold more heft as a collective rather than lone voice. And at the core of all of this activity is research, and this report includes updates about what we’ve learnt from the Sarcoma UK-funded work that is taking place across the UK.

Not ones to rest on our laurels, we’ve continued to grow what we do and you’ll notice that this year’s impact report is noticeably larger than last year’s. Whilst size isn’t everything, this report is testament to what we’ve done and achieved which is thanks to our passionate band of supporters who, despite increasingly uncertain times, have continued to support Sarcoma UK.

Thank you,

Richard Davidson

Chief Executive of Sarcoma UK

Download the report here. #ImpactMatters