Andrew Smith meets NBA players Brook and Robin Lopez
Friday, August 23, 2019

One of the highlights of monitoring our social media over the last few months was watching the hashtag #AndrewsChairSkillz reaching more and more people.

Andrew Smith, who died last week, was the young man with the 'skillz'. While he was being treated for osteosarcoma at UCLH, a video of his impressive ball control caught the attention of the NBA. 

Andrew was a massive fan of US basketball and football  describing himself as 'a die hard fan' of the LA Lakers, LA Kings, LA Rams and a friend of NBA players Jeff Green, Kyle Kuzma and Jonathan Isaac. You can only imagine how thrilling it was for Andrew when the NBA spotted his talents. Out of that was born the #AndrewChairSkillz hashtag and a relationship with the NBA in London.

Andrew and his mum, Sophie, came to visit us at our offices in London and despite the very tiring effects of his medication, he showed us his determination and strength.

We send our deepest condolences to his friends, family, the team at T11N at UCLH, and of course, Sophie. 

Main image: Andrew meets Brook and Robin Lopez from the Milwaukee Bucks.