Dr Paul Huang and presenters and guests from You, Me and the Big C podcast. Image: BBC Radio 5 Live
Friday, July 5, 2019

‘There’s very little commercial value for drug companies and biotech companies to develop drugs specifically for rare cancers, so a lot of the research is driven by academic researchers with charity partners to drive drug discovery forward.’


Our understanding of rare and less common cancers is lagging behind what we know about cancers such as breast or bowel cancer. This is a problem when it comes to attracting funding for research into new treatments.

Dr Paul Huang, Institute of Cancer Research and Sarcoma UK RAC member, joins the You, Me and the Big C crew ('the coolest club you never want to be a part of') to discuss the challenges that face researchers into rare cancers, the role of clinical trials, and how genomics offers a glimpse of a more positive future for rare cancer research.

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