Paul Huang in Lab
Monday, May 20, 2019

Sarcoma UK has never sat still.

When we started almost a decade ago, the sarcoma landscape was very different. 

Things have changed a lot since 2010. So have we.

Aside from increasing our investment in sarcoma research year on year, we have set up a national support line service which we’ve recently expanded, and we have vastly expanded the amount of information available about sarcoma.

Behind the scenes, we have been doing more and more work to campaign for better treatments for sarcoma patients in the UK. We plan to do even more of this work to make sure that our message is heard and acted on by the people and organisations with power and influence. 

Sarcoma UK is growing from a small charity into one that can make a greater impact on the lives of people affected by sarcoma. The new look that you see today is an investment in our future, so that we can be bolder, more distinctive and better understood.

The changes are not just on the outside.

We’ve also taken the opportunity to define why we are here and what we need to do. We want to see a world where everyone affected by sarcoma has the treatment, care and support they need.

Our purpose is to ensure everyone affected by sarcoma receives the best treatment, care, information and support available and to create the treatments of the future.

As a supporter, you have always been at the heart of what we do. We know that without your support, our work simply isn’t possible. We are grateful to the supporters who kept us on track by giving us their time, experience and feedback all through the rebrand process. 

We are still Sarcoma UK, with the same charity number, strap line and staff team in the main office in London. But we are growing. We are doing more. We have always felt secure on the inside knowing that you, our supporters, have our back. Now we feel just as confident on the outside as we take on the challenges ahead.

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