Mel de Lacy
Wednesday, May 8, 2019

'Ok, stop me if I'm waffling...'

These were the words that brought a very boisterous room to a standstill back at the National Kebab Awards in London in March 2018.

Sarcoma UK had been given a two minute slot to get our message across to the audience of politicians, business people and celebrities at the prestigious event, so we turned to Mel de Lacy, a physiotherapist from Chicester, to make an impact on our behalf.

Since we used this video, Mel's fundraising has gone on to exceed £70,000. Her colleagues at Spire Hospital Portsmouth will continue to fundraise in her memory. 

We were very sad to learn that she had died recently as she had become a great friend to the charity and many of us personally. Not only did she help us create awareness of sarcoma, and leiomyosarcoma in particular, but she spearheaded an enormous amount of fundraising activity in Chicester and beyond. She inspired her colleagues at Spire Portsmouth Hospital and her supportive community in Chicester to take to the skies, the fields and the road to raise much needed funds for Sarcoma UK.

Most recently, Mel helped us with our upcoming rebrand where she gave us invaluable advice on how Sarcoma UK, as we grow, can do the best it can for everyone affected by sarcoma. 

We will never forget how Mel's voice brought that huge room to pin-drop silence that evening in London. We will do our best to make sure that she continues to be heard.  

Our condolences to Matt, Lilly and Oscar, her colleagues, family and friends.


Let Me Be Me  - Mel's campaign to bring attention to leiomyosarcoma and its treatment