Barry Thompson Virgin Money London Marathon 2019
Tuesday, April 9, 2019

We often see the photos of the smiling, relieved runner holding up a medal after an event; the celebratory story in the local press; all of the likes and shares of sweaty, smiling faces across social media

What we don’t often see is the graft that goes in beforehand.  

Barry Thompson’s recent video update showed us the agony that can be involved in training for a major event such as the London Marathon. It’s a huge distance even for the fittest of us and only the foolhardy would take on a challenge like this without proper training.

Barry, from Whitstable, Kent, is putting himself through this gruelling training because the ‘Sarcoma UK Support Line provided my family with much needed support at a time when we desperately needed it’.

‘Sharon, my wife, had a hysterectomy in 2017 after a diagnosis of fibroids. At her follow-up, the consultant told her they had found a sarcoma. We had very little in the way of information so we found the Support Line. 

And what about the reaction to the video? ‘It’s great to have a laugh, especially at myself, but some days it’s tough. I run knowing that I’m giving something back. The team behind the Support Line knew who Sharon would be seeing and what to expect, but more importantly they provided us much needed help, information and advice’.

Support Barry's fundraising for Sarcoma UK

Be a volunteer at one of the Sarcoma UK cheer stations on Marathon day. 


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