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Monday, January 7, 2019

What does the NHS 10-Year Plan mean for people living with sarcoma? Based on what has been announced so far, Richard Davidson, Chief Executive of Sarcoma UK, says:

“We welcome any investment from the NHS in cancer care that can have a positive impact on earlier diagnosis, something we know is crucial for cancer as a whole and especially less common types like sarcoma.

“Sarcoma patients know how important early diagnosis and detection is. People are still being diagnosed with the cancer too late, which in turn impacts heavily on their chances of survival.

“It is therefore encouraging to see a strong focus on new testing centres for cancer patients, the NHS’ renewed commitment to research, investment in diagnostic technology and plans to genomic test any child with cancer and those with rare disorders. Our lack of understanding of sarcoma on a molecular level currently restricts how we treat and manage it in the UK, so carries huge potential for sarcoma patients now and in the future.

“Sarcoma UK and many other cancer charities emphasised the need to address staffing shortages in the NHS and this is clearly an area that needs urgent attention.

“As with all plans, the key is in the delivery and we look forward to working with NHS England, healthcare professionals, patients and other healthcare organisations to ensure that the bold ambitions in the Long Term Plan are realised.”

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