Bands FC Camera Obscura design
Tuesday, September 18, 2018

‘Sadly, my illness is here tripping me up again and I feel like it's time to tell people a bit more about it and see if I can raise a bit of cash to help others in a similar situation.’ That’s what Carey Lander, keyboard player and vocalist with Scottish act, Camera Obscura, very modestly wrote on her JustGiving page back in 2015.

Carey’s legacy has wildly surpassed all expectations. Her record-breaking appeal resulted in very welcome donations for Sarcoma UK, and thousands of fans, music industry names and music lovers heard about sarcoma, perhaps for the first time.

Now that awareness has reached into the world of football.

Music and football fans on Twitter can’t have failed to notice the work of Bands FC this summer. The brainchild of Mark Liptrott of Concrete Studio and Nick Fraser, who sells merchandise for the Charlatans, Bands FC combine football team badges with band logos.

With the blessing of the band, Bands FC are making their Camera Obscura design available as a t-shirt and sweatshirt with proceeds going to Sarcoma UK in Carey’s memory.

These shirts are limited and available until the end of September from Camera Obscura's online store.