Sarcoma UK fuchsia
Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Sarcoma UK fuchsia is on sale again in summer 2018.

The fuchsia, which was released at the 2017 RHS Chelsea Slower Show, is the creation of Ian Strawson together with his partner Bonita Hesketh. After being diagnosed with sarcoma himself, Ian named the new hybrid 'Sarcoma UK' to raise both funds and awareness for others affetced by sarcoma. The popular hybrid is on sale again, with all proceeds donated to Sarcoma UK.

Ian Strawson Birmingham Fuchsia Society.jpg

Ian, a retired painter and decorator with a passion for fuchsias, says: “In spring 2015 I found a small lump at the back of my left thigh, which started to ache and grow. I went to my GP, who thought it was a cyst but sent me for scans and I was referred to the Royal Liverpool Hospital. The diagnosis was leiomyosarcoma – a soft tissue sarcoma.

"I had an operation nine days later and have made a good recovery – I am clear at the moment. I have been very lucky, with a good GP who sent me for tests. If I hadn’t been diagnosed so early, I might have lost my leg. My reason for releasing this fuchsia is to raise public and medical awareness of this type of cancer. I am very passionate about what I am doing for sarcoma awareness and with your help, hopefully we can save more lives.”

Through selling his fuchsia for donations, Ian has already changed lives. In 2017 Sarcoma UK fuchsias raised £2,000 for the charity, meaning more can be spent on sarcoma research, support and information. A huge thank you to Ian and Bonita for their hard work, and to everyone who has already bought one of their beautiful plants.

To order your Sarcoma UK fuchsia download the official order form and return it to Ian Strawson (address is on the form). Payment  by cheque or postal order only, made payable to Ian Strawson. Plants will be sent by first class post.  Sarcoma UK cannot take any orders directly.