Sarcoma Research Symposium
Monday, April 16, 2018

In 2018, Sarcoma UK will invest £750,000 into sarcoma research. Thanks to your hard work and generous support, we are able to invest the highest amount yet into finding answers faster.

We invest not only in innovative research projects but also the talented people that will make these ideas come to life. That’s why we’re putting out a call for applications for two PhD studentships.

The Sayako Grace Robinson PhD Studentship and the Sarcoma UK PhD Studentship are both fully funded. You can apply for stipend & fees plus research expenses up to £120,000. Funding is available for three and a half years, with thesis completion expected within four years. 

Funding research is one of Sarcoma UK’s main charitable objectives and we have awarded over £2 million since 2009. We are excited not just by the ambitious projects that we have funded but also the results that are coming through. We know that the wait for better treatments can feel frustrating, but we are funding the most promising projects assessed by experts from a wide range of backgrounds. Everyone donating to support Sarcoma UK’s research knows with certainty that their donation will help us fund patient-centred research into sarcoma.

Your investment is paying off.   


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