Liz Barquin Clinical Research Lead, The Royal Marsden
Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Sarcoma UK has just launched a clinical trials hub for people living with sarcoma. This is the first time that information on current clinical trials for sarcoma has been brought together.

Clinical trials are medical studies involving people. They are a way of testing treatments to ensure they are safe and effective. 

Patients and clinicians now have one central point for up-to-date information and advice on what trials are, how to take part and crucially, a list of current clinical trials in the UK.

Donna Greaves, Information and Support Officer at Sarcoma UK, says: “We want to empower people living with sarcoma to make the decision that’s best for them. The first step to that is providing the right information.”

“It’s been exciting working alongside the UK’s 16 sarcoma specialist centres where sarcomas are treated. We now have a focal point of reliable information about what clinical trials are running and where. Each of these centres will have varying degrees of engagement with trials, so our work is as much about sharing this information with clinicians as it is with patients.

“In short, we need more people living with sarcoma to be taking part in more trials. As a relatively uncommon cancer, our understanding of the disease lags far behind many other cancers, so clinical trials play a crucial role in developing new and more effective treatments.”

Visit the Sarcoma UK Clinical Trials Hub.

What happens when you take part in a clinical trial? Liz Barquin, Clinical Research Nurse at the Sarcoma Unit, Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, explains the advantages of taking part, who is involved and what questions people often ask.