Arron Jackson Team Sarcoma Virgin Money London Marathon
Wednesday, March 28, 2018

In 2016, Arron Jackson’s friend, journalist Dean Eastmond, was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma. He died a little over a year later.

“Dean hated the term, but he was an inspiration” says Arron.  “Despite a gruelling few months of chemotherapy, proton beam therapy, surgery, chest drains, intense fatigue and hospital visits, he used his voice to fight for the LGBTQ+ community and provide a beacon of hope”.

For Arron, who has never taken on a challenge like the Virgin Money London Marathon (“I’m somebody who only ever ran when attempting to catch a bus or after the ice-cream van!”), remembering all that his friend Dean went through after diagnosis is his motivation to get across the finish line. “I’m just fuelled by the sheer determination of doing Dean proud - telling his story”.

Arron promised Dean that he would take on the marathon to continue raising awareness of sarcoma and raise funds for Sarcoma UK. Now that Dean is gone, Arron has found that his marathon training has become part of the grieving process. “For me, going out each evening and knowing that I’m running for him has really helped me process my grief, and running in his memory will continue to be my biggest inspiration to get across the finish line”.

Arron, from Hertfordshire, recently graduated with a BSc and now works in A&E. He wants to ‘tear apart’ the stigma surrounding the ‘big scary word’ cancer. “If there was one thing I wanted people to know about sarcoma, it'd be simply that it exists. Sarcoma continues to be a somewhat 'forgotten' cancer because of its rarity, and that makes it very difficult to get the right sort of information about it out to both the masses, and those who require it”.

Arron and the 66 other London Marathon #TeamSarcoma runners generate significant support for Sarcoma UK that we use to fund innovative research, campaign for change and  provide meaningful support for all affected with sarcoma. See how Arron is doing on Twitter and please support him and #TeamSarcoma in any way you can.