Bec and Roisin Team Claire
Friday, February 9, 2018

“Switch to podcasts”. Filmmaker Bec Mounsey is new to running, but she’s already got some practical advice for anyone in training. “I was running to uptempo music and exhausting myself trying to keep pace. Now I keep the classic dance anthems for those first five or 10 minutes at the start.”

Between now and 22 April, we'll be introducing you to Bec and the other members of #TeamSarcoma running the Virgin Money London Marathon. Bec is one of 68 champions (so far) who, by pounding the streets, will help Sarcoma UK being aboutabout enormous change to the lives of sarcoma patients, their friends and families. 

Bec has company though in the form of her friend Róisín Gaffney, a graphic designer from Dublin. “It’s awesome to have a buddy doing this”, says Róisín. “Bec is a super trouper, and I'm delighted that we separately came up with idea of running the marathon for Sarcoma UK. Great minds!”

Róisín was introduced to Bec when they both worked for the BBC alongside Claire Hartnett. “Claire obviously had the best taste in people!” laughs Róisín. Claire passed away last year and didn’t get a chance to take on the marathon herself so her friends, despite not being runners, jumped at the chance to take part in Claire’s memory.

“I started running in August”, says Róisín, “and I've never competed in a race before so the whole experience has been one big, rewarding, learning curve. Bec and I are now fluently chatting on WhatsApp about ‘PBs’ and ‘Sub 4s’ as if we're pros!” “Yup”, grins Bec, “this way we don’t have to bore the pants off our other friends...”

Not all of their pals seem to be bored. In fact, six of them are taking on the Hampton Court Half Marathon to help with fundraising.

“It has been an overwhelmingly beautiful and positive experience so far”, says Róisín.

Follow Bec and Róisín on Instagram for the latest on their progress, and you really need to find Bec’s playlist on Spotify


Last year, the London Marathon runners of #TeamSarcoma raised over £141,000. This transformative amount has already been invested in groundbreaking research, prompt support and clear information for people affected by sarcoma.