Research project funded by Sarcoma UK makes breakthrough
Monday, August 21, 2017

In 2015, we awarded the smallest amount we have ever given to a research project at the University of Edinburgh.  Prof. Salter and his team there used your money to test whether a possible new technique for treating solid tumours can be used for sarcomas.

Magnetic hyperthermia has the potential to be used as a non-toxic way of treating sarcoma. We used £7,385 of your donations to help fund the project, and we’re delighted to report that Prof. Salter’s team have made a breakthrough.

Sarah McDonald, our Director of Research, is understandably excited about these results: “This is a great new technology with the potential to treat sarcoma with fewer toxic effects than current treatments. We look forward to seeing this concept develop and are very glad to have funded this excellent study”.

The team’s success breeds success. They have now attracted another £25,000 of funding to take their work forward. This investment means that their work is more likely to be rolled out as a future technology for people with sarcoma.

Research is at the heart of what we do. Your support allows us to identify and support projects such as Prof. Salter’s. We wisely use your funds with projects that we know are worth supporting.

We make every donation - no matter how small - count.