Sarcoma UK Researcher
Friday, May 12, 2017

We are delighted to announce that we have awarded five Basic Science research grants:

Dr Paul Huang (Institute of Cancer Research) - 'Sayako Grace Robinson Studentship' 
Prof Adrienne Flanagan (Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital)
Dr Carsten Hansen (University of Edinburgh)
Mr Andrew Hayes (Institute of Cancer Research)
Professor Catharine West (University of Manchester)

It is also an honour to fund our first Sayako Grace Robinson Studentship - an annual award of a PhD studentship in sarcoma basic science. Dr Paul Huang, Team Leader in the Division of Cancer Biology at the Institute of Cancer Research has been awarded £119,960 to fund a PhD student to deliver a project: “Defining the mechanisms of pazopanib and regorafenib resistance in soft tissue sarcoma”.

This project aims to discover how the body develops resistance to two chemotherapy drugs used in the treatment of soft tissue sarcoma. This research could help doctors test patients before chemotherapy to check the patient will respond to the treatment. It will also increase knowledge of how to overcome drug resistance in sarcoma.

Sarah McDonald, Director of Research - Sarcoma UK says, "These research projects are another step forwards into finding answers for sarcoma patients. The PhD studentship not only looks into the mechanisms of drug resistance; it will train a research leader of the future in sarcoma."

In 2017 Sarcoma UK will invest a further £500,000 into research.