Lindsey Bennister CEO
Friday, December 9, 2016

"We at Sarcoma UK are proud to launch our Annual Report 2015/16 – our most successful year yet.  

Transparency is part of our culture at Sarcoma UK. Our values include integrity, expertise and impact. Put simply, we strive to be clear about how we spend your money and the difference this makes. We do this by measuring and reporting back to you on how your funds have been used throughout the year. We also tell you about our future plans to help you invest in transforming the landscape for sarcoma. 

2015/16 was the first year we implemented Key Performance Indicators which provide in-depth analysis of progress against our objectives and goals.

This means our staff measure exactly how many patient information booklets were posted or downloaded; how many calls we have to our national Support Line; and how many GPs have taken our online BMJ Learning module and importantly what they thought about it. Collecting this data helps us to gain a deeper understanding of our service users and identify any gaps or areas that need to be improved. We are constantly learning.  

We operate a policy of openness and honesty, inviting the sarcoma community – patients, carers, supporters, health professionals, and researchers - to provide feedback at any opportunity. This helps us to measure the effectiveness and quality of our services which is really important too.

This was the year we launched our new research strategy, with an ambitious aim to invest over £3 million into research by 2020. Each funded-researcher must submit an annual report to us and our Director of Research makes at least one visit to each grant-holder.  We only invest in high quality, innovative research throughout the UK. We measure and report fully on real outputs from our funded research, for example published papers in academic journals and presentations at international conferences.

We are audited independently by Sayer Vincent, the leading audit company for the charity sector, who come into our head office to scrutinise paperwork and obtain evidence about the amounts and disclosures in our financial statements.

Our latest Annual Report 2015/16 is a good example of robust and credible reporting and contains our full annual accounts. We know that simple infographics about expenditure and income are helpful but we will always signpost to our full audited accounts for enhanced transparency alongside them.

Thank you for helping us drive forward a hugely successful year! We simply could not do our work without your support."