Publication Date: 
Thursday, November 5, 2020

A testament to what we can achieve together.

The 2019–20 year ended on a high, capping off one of the charity’s most impactful years to date. Like it has for many organisations, the pandemic has meant we now work in a vastly different environment, but that’s not to take away from last year’s efforts of the team and our amazing supporters.

We launched our biggest national awareness campaign to date, helped more people than ever through the Support Line and invested nearly a million pounds into sarcoma research. We also had our first Parliamentary drop-in event, a brilliant opportunity to get our message to the heart of where change begins.

This report, a brief snapshot of the year, is testament to what we can achieve together with our passionate band of supporters who, despite increasingly uncertain times, have continued to support Sarcoma UK.

Thank you.

Richard Davidson

Chief Executive of Sarcoma UK