Sarcoma UK is committed to achieving the best possible standard of treatment and care for patients with sarcoma.

That's our number one aim.

We rely entirely on your donations and fundraising activities to make this happen. We receive no government funding, but by keeping our running costs to a minimum, we can put more of your money directly to funding vital research.

How we use your money


That's all it costs to enable sarcoma Clinical Nurse Specialist, Julie, to give every newly diagnosed patient a Personal Guide to Sarcoma.  Newly diagnosed patients tell us they often feel confused.  £5 could supply a newly diagnosed patient with their own ‘Personal Guide’ – a folder packed with information, tailored to their needs. 


With £10 you could banish Abdul’s feeling of isolation.  With 5,300 people newly diagnosed in the UK each year, some patients may never meet another person going through the same situation.  £10 means Abdul can receive our newsletter, Connect, three times a year for two years bringing him closer to the sarcoma community and making him feel less alone.


With £20 you could educate ten GPs as part of our ‘On the Ball’ Campaign. The Golf Ball reminder could prevent Harry from having to visit his GP three times before being referred to a sarcoma specialist.  £20 can fund 10 golf balls to send to GPs, helping to improve GP awareness, and resulting in earlier diagnosis of sarcoma.


With £50 you could provide the necessary equipment for Reema to continue her vital sarcoma research.  We fund high quality research projects looking into the causes and treatments of sarcoma.  £50 could buy three Coplin Jars used every day in the laboratories by researchers investigating cancer genetics.


Tom desperately needs to find support locally. We provide grants to local sarcoma support groups to help them provide support. Tom could meet other sarcoma patients and carers face to face in a relaxed, non-clinical environment.


With £1,000 you could transform Emma’s sarcoma experience.  £1,000 can fund a survey to identify sarcoma patient and carer experiences. By collecting this data first-hand, we can campaign for better standards of treatment and care.


With £3,000 you could ensure David is able to continue his essential sarcoma research work.  As a key part of the team, £3,000 will fund David’s work for a whole month.  This direct expense could boost innovation, new ideas and have a truly significant impact on the world of sarcoma.


With £20,000 you could transform the landscape for everyone affected by sarcoma. 

By funding an entire research project, we could take a step closer to more effective treatments, improved diagnosis and even a cure. We only fund high quality, sarcoma specific research.

Whatever you can contribute will be put to good use. Donate, raise funds or raise awareness for Sarcoma UK and help us transform the landscape for everyone affected by sarcoma.

It's a good aim. You can help us achieve it.