Sarcoma Awareness Week 2018 image

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been affected by sarcoma in some way. You’ll remember the first time you heard the word. Sarcoma.

Maybe the GP had to explain it to you. Maybe your loved one sat you down to tell you about it. Maybe you had to Google it.

But now you know, and chances are, you wish you had known earlier.

If more people knew what sarcoma was, they would get that lump checked out earlier. If more GPs knew more about the signs of sarcoma, they could refer people earlier. The earlier sarcoma is diagnosed, the greater the chance of successful treatment.

This year let’s get the message out there that sarcoma is cancer. It's not as rare as we had thought. 

Let’s not leave things to chance. Let’s tell everyone that sarcoma is cancer this July.

Ways to get involved


Host a Big Picnic

People having a picnic

The Big Picnic is back! Join us and host a picnic in your community – at work, in a local park, in your garden, or at your club or school – to raise vital funds for sarcoma research and support. 

We've got tablecloths, balloons and all sorts of things to help your Big Picnic go off with a bang (whatever the weather...). Register now


Raise the page for Sarcoma UK

Most people don’t know what sarcoma is. You know. We know.

So let’s tell them. 

Print out our poster, fill in your response and share it with the world. Take a photo, record a short video or boomerang and let us know what sarcoma means to you.

Tag us, use the hashtag #SarcomaIsCancer and we’ll help you spread awareness.

Design a t-shirt

Three t-shirts for Sarcoma Awareness Week

Calling all artists or budding artists! Use your creativity to help people understand what sarcoma is by designing your own t-shirt. 

We'll put three of your designs for sale on our shop so you will help amplify awareness and raise vital funds. 

Thanks for your entries. Keep an eye on our social media for the winners..

Join the Sarcoma UK Support Line on Facebook Live

Sarcoma UK Support Line on Facebook Live

Sarcoma Specialist Nurse, Helen Stradling will be taking your questions live on Facebook at 1:30pm, Thursday 5 July, so if there is anything you ever wanted to ask about anything related to sarcoma, this is the time.

Send in your question during the broadcast or, in advance to the Support Line, marking it for Facebook and telling us whether we can use your name. 

Join Sarcoma UK on Facebook at 1:30pm on Thursday 5 July. 

Update your profile pics for the week

Sarcoma is cancer Twibbon

Let's make as much noise together as we can during Sarcoma Awareness Week.

Change your profile pic on Facebook and Twitter for Sarcoma Awareness Week.  Encourage your friends and family to do the same and let's take over social media to raise awareness. 

What else can I do?