Early Diagnosis Report Cover

Being diagnosed with sarcoma can often be an isolating and lonely experience; this is only further amplified for patients who have to wait agonisingly long times for their diagnosis. Demand early diagnosis, save lives, our new report, tracks that experience and outlines our pledge to improve early diagnosis in the UK.

30% of sarcoma patients waited more than six months, after first consulting a healthcare professional, to receive an accurate diagnosis.

1 in 6 patients (17%) waited more than a year before receiving an accurate diagnosis.

Simply, late diagnosis costs lives. 

Late last year, thousands of patients, family members and carers took part in the National Sarcoma Survey 2020 and told us about their experience of diagnosis. We have combined their responses with our discussions with supporters and clinicians and academic research to find three key challenges to diagnosis: public awareness, healthcare professional awareness, and the diagnostic pathway. 

‘This new report highlights not just the need to improve awareness of what the symptoms of sarcoma are, but education for healthcare professionals around the correct referral path to help make sure that patients with suspected sarcoma reach the right services as quickly as possible,’ continues Sarcoma UK’s Richard Davidson.

Altogether, this report demonstrates the need for change and serves as our commitment to continue to work towards forming a set of detailed policy recommendations which can, ultimately, improve diagnosis for sarcoma patients.