Meet the Balharries! Community Catch members 1, 2, 3 and 4!



Join Gordon, Karen, Lucy and Sam Balharrie and keep it going and be part of the Community Catch video for Sarcoma Awareness Week 29 June-5 July. 

Will you take your place in the video chain by catching and throwing a can? By the end of the week, we will have a fantastic video with researchers, clinicians, patients, policy makers, supporters, friends, and family all part of one great community chain. We want to show our community and extended communities the breadth of people who are making change happen for everyone affected by sarcoma. 

It’s easy and (hopefully) fun. 

You’ll need a) your phone and b) a tin or can and c) someone to throw the tin to you. 

  1. So, find a can or tin. 
  2. Remove the label if you can. 
  3. Find a bright space outdoors or indoors where you can safely catch and throw the tin. 
  4. Get someone to record the whole thing (or use a tripod) 
  5. Have someone throw the can to you from your right. Catch it and throw it off screen to your left 
  6. Send the video to us along with your name and your connection to sarcoma (so, patient, supporter, researcher, clinician, friend...) . Don’t worry about editing; we can do that.  
  7. Get it to us as soon as possible!