A man wearing a sarcoma t-shirt

Support Sarcoma Awareness Week (2-8 July 2018) by designing your very own Sarcoma UK t-shirt.

Most people don’t know what sarcoma is. You know. We know.

So let’s tell them.

Since late 2017, Sarcoma UK's online store has been selling a range of fully branded t-shirts, hoodies, tops and tote bags and now's your chance to get your own design on a very special limited edition clothing range. 

Sarcoma is...

Tell the world about sarcoma in your own words.  'Sarcoma is...'. For example: ‘Sarcoma is…being grateful for my friends and family around me.’ 

Three t-shirts for Sarcoma Awareness Week

Things to think about

  • Can you use the Sarcoma UK logo and colours (details below)?
  • Send us nice big images that will look good when printed on a t-shirt
  • Don’t use images or text that belongs to someone else
  • Don’t use swearwords

Get designing

Get your thinking caps on and get creative. Use pens, pencil, paints, watercolours, collage or a combination of these.  Create something online with the free-to-use design software Canva (it's very straightforward, honest).   

We can’t wait to see your designs! Send them through by email to info@sarcoma.org.uk

Postal designs can be sent to: 

SAW 2018,
Sarcoma UK 
49-51 East Road 
N1 6AH 


If you’d like your design returned, please let us know. 

This competition is open to everyone of all ages and abilities. Get your design to us before 9:00 22 June 2018.

We’ll announce winners during Sarcoma Awareness Week itself which takes place 2-8 July 2018. 

Our colours

Sarcoma UK Blue

  • CMYK C: 100 M: 68 Y: 0 K: 12
  • RGB R: 0 G: 82 B: 155
  • HSB H: 208 S: 100 B: 61
  • HEX #00539b

Sarcoma UK Green

  • CMYK C: 20 M: 0 Y: 85 K: 0
  • RGB R: 213 G: 225 B: 77
  • HSB H: 64 S: 65 B: 88
  • HEX #d5e04e

Sarcoma Awareness Week is 2-8 July 2018. Find out some other ways to get involved.