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Four weekly online chats during Sarcoma Awareness Month. We invite you to join us and special guests including patients, researchers, clinicians and more to learn about the progress being made and how it might affect you. The weekly sessions are informal, and everyone is very welcome to join in with questions and chat. New to Zoom? Watch this. 

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  • Living well with and beyond sarcoma. (7 pm, 27 July) Join a panel of patients and experts to talk about recurrence, rehabilitation, pain management and more. Send your question in advance or ask them on the night. Join us on Zoom.

Guests: Debbie Artis (specialist physiotherapist, Leeds Teaching Hospital), Lisa Hall (patient and advocate), Jo Ham (counsellor/therapist), Kate Scanlan (Occupational Therapist, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital) Roger Wilson CBE (founder, Sarcoma UK, patient advocate)


Supporting someone with sarcoma (7 pm, 29 July)

Supporting someone with sarcoma webinar

"What is sarcoma?"
"How is it diagnosed?"
"Why can’t my loved one be treated more locally?"

So, your loved one has been diagnosed with sarcoma, and you have questions. Normally you would have the chance to ask these questions when you accompanied your loved one to the clinic for appointments. But the pandemic has meant that they had to go alone and you never had the chance to ask questions.

This Zoom session is for you - the spouse, partner, next of kin, close friend, child or anyone with questions about sarcoma and supporting a loved one through sarcoma.

Our sarcoma specialists are here to answer your questions.

Guests: Sam Hackett (Sarcoma UK Support Line); Helen Stradling (Sarcoma UK Support Line Lead) and Dr Sarah Pratap (Consultant Medical Oncologist, Oxford Sarcoma Service).

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Past events

  • Sarcoma and Women’s Health (7 pm, 6 July) From menopause to morcellation, fertility to gynaecological sarcomas, this session brings a panel of guests to discuss the impact of sarcoma on women's health. 

Guests: Dr Charlotte Benson (Consultant Medical Oncologist), Karen Delin (sarcoma patient, support group leader and advocate), Emma McCloskey (sarcoma patient, support group leader and advocate), Dr Beatrice Seddon (UCLH)

  • Clinical Trials (7 pm, 13 July) What is a clinical trial? What are the benefits of taking part in one? Our panel of patients and clinical researchers discuss current clinical trials and signpost possible new treatments. 

Guests: Jane Lochrie (sarcoma patient), Dirk Strauss (Consultant Surgical Oncologist), Emily Travis (sarcoma patient and advocate), Dr Shane Zaidi (Consultant Clinical Oncologist)

  • Genomics: The future of sarcoma treatment? (7 pm, 20 July) Genomics is changing the way we think about and treat sarcoma. But what exactly is it and how do we know what it can achieve for people with sarcoma? Join this session to learn about current projects supported by Sarcoma UK and ask any questions you have about this exciting field of science. 

Guests: Prof. Andy Beggs (Cancer Genetics & Surgery, University of Birmingham), Richard Davidson (Chief Executive, Sarcoma UK), Prof. Adrienne Flanagan OBE (Professor of Musculoskeletalpathology, UCL), Dr Alexander Lee (Consultant Medical Oncologist), Dr Zoë S Walters (Lecturer in Translational Epigenomics, University of Southampton)