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Where were you ten years ago? What has changed for you? What does the future hold?

Throughout the year, we will drop in on the people who have shared part of their sarcoma journey with us over the past decade.

Just three little questions with a huge variety of answers. Would you like to share your story? Just answer the three questions, tell us a little about yourself, and send two photos of you, back then and today, to

Lindsey Bennister

Lindsey Bennister was Chief Executive of Sarcoma UK from 2010 to 2018.

Ian Randall

How It Started Ian Randall

Ian was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma back in 2010. He has two sons and is a professional photographer. He has captured the excitement of many Team Sarcoma events over the years.

  • Where were you ten years ago?
    I was 18 years into a career as a Fire Officer in London. I also had a part-time job as a Fire Inspector and looking after two young boys.
  • What has changed for you?  
    I know I was very fortunate and incredibly lucky to get through and survive my treatment and surgery but I was unable to return to my career. That was a very tough time mentally and emotionally on top of the stress and worry since diagnosis in Dec 2010.
    The treatment has left me with ongoing issues but I have adjusted to what I can and can't do, frustrating at times but after treatment, anything is easier. 
    Now I am a sports and events photographer (which was always a passion) and I know when I need to rest up before and after shooting a game or event so that I don't get excessively tired.
  • What does the future hold?
    I'm VERY optimistic about the future for people affected by sarcoma. The amount of awareness about sarcoma has grown and grown and it's amazing to see. The incredible fundraisers raise so much money for vital research and trials which can only lead to better treatment options and greater survival rates. 

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Ellie Waters

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