Here’s a handy list to help you get the most out of your fundraising! If you’ve got any questions about fundraising for Sarcoma UK, feel free to give us a call on ☎ 020 7250 8271 or email us.

  • Order your fundraising pack. Our packs come with lots of branded goodies to help you spread word about your event or challenge, as well as your Sarcoma UK T-shirt or running vest so order yours right now.
  • Set up your giving page. This is by the far the easiest way for you to collect sponsorship. Go to JustGiving to set up your page.
  • Make the page pop. We know that just by adding pictures and a fundraising target to your page, you can almost double the amount you raise. Write a short, personal story about why you’ve chosen to raise money for people affected by sarcoma, and you’ll really boost how many donations you receive.
  • Get the word out. Use the materials in your fundraising pack (you can order more if you need them) to get word out amongst family, friends, colleagues. Share your giving page link on social media or via email.
  • Promote your fundraising. Use our DIY press release to get in touch with your local paper or radio stations to advertise in your wider community.
  • Thank everyone involved. It’s easy to forget once fundraising is over, but make sure you thank everyone who contributed – from raffle prize donors, to the venue staff, not to mention everyone who attended, donated or cheered you on!