Big Picnic collage

We have thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of your Big Picnic posts and pictures come in over the past few years. What amazing events you all have organised for Sarcoma Awareness Week

Thank you for sharing your photos with us as well. Take a look at our Great British Picnic Group on Facebook for more pictures and picnic ideas.  Have a look on our FacebookTwitter and Instagram for posts with #BigPicnic or #GreatBritishPicnic for a snapshot of the energy involved. 

Here are some pictures from the events over the last few years, along with some top tips from our fundraisers. We hope they will be a great inspiration for the Great British Picnic this year. 

Nikki Crowson collage

Nicki Crowson organised her Big Picnic just a few days before her surgery to remove her myxoid liposarcoma in her leg. Here is what she had to say about the event:

"One year on from the BIG picnic (2019) it is wonderful to reflect back on the event. I have always felt uncertain about running my own fundraising event as asking people to give. The BIG Picnic was a great opportunity to change this as it was a  week and put my energies into something really positive as it was only a few days before my surgery.

It was a great opportunity  to get my friends and family together.  We gathered at our beach hut in Hayling Island for a cream team picnic with lots of cake and tea. We played games and lazed on the beach. Together we raised  £1,510   my target was £450 - months later and people were still giving."

Daisy Ellis Picnic

Daisy Ellis had over 70 people attend her Big Picnic event in 2019 and raised over £5,000 from the event! She gave us some top tips for her event - "my advice for awareness is create an aesthetically pleasing set up, if there are photo opportunities then people are more likely to share online and spread the word!"

Take a look at Daisy's Instagram page for more pictures from the event.

Olivia Meheux Big Picnic

Olivia Meheux Big Picnic

Olivia and her friends held a prosecco and glitter filled picnic last year.

Maddie Cowey bake sale

Sisters Maddie and Hannah Cowey held a bake sale picnic in their front garden.


Nell and Meg with their Sarcoma Big Picnic raffle table, raising money today with their Nana, Ginni Crellin in mind 


Nell and Meg in Doncaster with their Sarcoma Big Picnic raffle table, raising funds with their Nana, Ginni Crellin in mind. 

Lisa Cooper and colleagues at the Christie, Manchester for SAW 2017

Too delicious! Lisa Cooper and the team at the Christie, Manchester raised £630 during their Big Picnic. Liz Jones gets a special shout out for making 50 cupcakes. 

Images from Carla Lindberg's Big Picnic for Sarcoma UK

It looks like Carla Lindberg had a great team of little helpers for her Big Picnic. She raised a superb £4,500 from her event, a raffle and a car boot sale in Sweden!

Karen Delin and family host a Big Picnic for Sarcoma UK's Sarcoma Awareness Week

Thankfully, the weather held up for the Delin garden party! Our Chair, Karen and family hosted a Big Picnic garden party.  (There was so much food that some treats ended up in the Sarcoma UK office afterwards!) 


Been inspired by these delightful bunting and cake filled fundraisers? Why not hold a Great British Picnic event and bring together your family and friends!