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Some cancers are less well known, but that doesn’t mean they are any less important.

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Covid-19 pushed itself into our lives this year, but people with lesser-known cancers still need life-saving support and services. Join the 20 for 20 Challenge this autumn and help reverse the catastrophic effect that Covid-19 has had on people with a cancer diagnosis. 

You can turn this around. Choose a Challenge Calendar and complete the epic 20 for 20 Challenge over any 20 days starting between 20 September and 20 November.

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  • Get fit.
  • Get creative
  • Get the little ones (and the older ones) involved.
  • Have fun with it.
  • Make each day a different challenge

Just 20 days to help  Sarcoma UK or any or all of the  20 charities keep life-saving services reaching the people who desperately need them. This is a first. Charities for less common cancers have never come together like this before. 

Choose a charity, create a fundraising page, select your calendar, start the 20 for 20 challenge and share with #20for20!

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