We were lucky to have an array of interesting and inspiring speakers at Talking Research in June, 2015.  

Over 130 patients, carers, health professionals, researchers and friends came to the Palace Hotel, Manchester and made it a successful and educational day. 

See pictures from the day and view the programme. 

Watch video of Dave Thompson,  Sarcoma UK Trustee, speaking at the event 

Richard Whitehead - watch the video Richard played

Click on the projects below to access their presentation slides.

From donation to ground-breaking project - how Sarcoma UK funds scientific and medical research - Sarah McDonald, Director of Research, Sarcoma UK

How can we tailor drug doses in Ewing's sarcoma to maximise benefit and minimise side effects? - Dr Gareth Veal, Northern Institute for Cancer Research

Studying angiosarcoma in dogs - Dr Robin Young

Research involves patients too! - Sarah Welby, Clinical Research Nurse (sarcoma), The Christie, Manchester

Looking for new targetted treatment for high grade sarcoma - Professor Ted Hupp, University of Edinburgh

Pazopanib resistance - why does it happen? - Dr Paul Huang, Institute of Cancer Research

Evaluating the quality of life for people with soft tissue sarcoma - Dr Nick Gough