Sarcoma UK Golf Ball

Is your GP on the ball?

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The first sign of sarcoma cancer is a lump on the leg, an arm or somewhere on the body.

If a GP correctly identifies the lump when it is smaller than a golf ball (5cm), it's likely that the cancer can be treated successfully . However, most people are diagnosed with sarcoma when it is the size of a baked bean tin (10cm).

You may wonder why a visible lump that grows beyond the size of a golf ball might not be diagnosed accurately by professionals.  

There are two reasons

  1. We are not very aware of sarcoma. We found that 53% of the general public have not heard of sarcoma.

  2. GPs are not familiar with the red flag signs of sarcoma – a visible lump that is getting bigger. A third of people with sarcoma visit their GP at least three times over a period of eighteen months before seeing a specialist.

We launched On the Ball to educate GPs and the public about sarcoma, so that it could be diagnosed earlier and that far more of the 4,000 people diagnosed each year could live longer, better lives.

Survival rates have not improved in the last twenty years, but that can change.

People can survive sarcoma if their cancer is diagnosed early, when treatments can be effective and before the sarcoma has spread to other parts of the body.

On the Ball will help more people to survive sarcoma by educating GPs to identify sarcoma earlier. 

Over 1,600 On the Ball packs have been distributed to GPs throughout the UK. With your help, we can reach many more GPs all over the UK.  Click here to order your On the Ball pack